What clients have to say.....

"Caitlin has been treating my horses since 2011, initially we sought help for a new young horse that had a previous sacroiliac injury and very weak core. This horse then went onto place 3rd at Tattersalls 3*L under 25. In 2013 I started my professional career and Caitlin has been our team Chiropractor from the start. She has a profound ability of assessing each individual horse, treating them with a variety of techniques and then working with me to make a plan for how their individual biomechanics will affect their work. I believe what sets Caitlin apart from the rest is that she is a real horsewoman. Her intuition and feel for the horses is not something that can be taught. Caitlin has had a positive impact on every horse on my yard that she has treated as well as me! We are very grateful to have her in our team and I have complete trust in her."

Laura Schroter 4* Event Rider

"Caitlin has treated our horses for many years now. Caitlin’s natural empathy with the horses, her wealth of experience with the demands placed on performance horses and her own experience as a rider, combined with her commitment to her own ongoing professional development make her an invaluable part of our commitment of doing the very best for our horses. Caitlin’s feedback is a huge part of keeping the horses comfortable and happy, and an excellent early warning system of any impending problems"

Sarah Lewis - International Show Jumper and Producer

"Caitlin has been treating our horses for over 10 years with exceptional results. She uses her extensive and inciteful knowledge of the competition horse, analysing gait, movement and conformation to assess and treat the horses. She develops individualised plans, adapting these to accommodate any physical limitations, conformational irregularities, whilst building on strengths and developing weaker areas. Most importantly, Caitlin’s communication and collaboration with owners/riders at an appropriate level , dependent on their knowledge and experience , provides clarity in the treatment and subsequent adaptations to training. We can not recommend her highly enough!"

Sue Nolan - Event Rider, Instructor

"I met Caitlin when my old physio had to stop working due to an accident. Caitlin came to the rescue and its something I’ll be forever thankful for.

I knowingly took on Tayen with the understanding she needed rehabbing in mind and body.  She had just had kissing spine surgery when we met, and was also showing signs that she was a head shaker. Tayen was incredibly defensive about pretty much everything, especially the idea of someone treating her. Caitlin was so patient with her, and took time to build trust and slowly over time she would let Caitlin treat her all over her body, without trying to bite or kick her like she once had.

Caitlin was beyond supportive through what was a challenging rehab due to her mind being so damaged, along with her body. She has a knowing with her work with horses that not only is gift but is years of experience. Since meeting Caitlin, she has helped me with numerous rehab cases that have come into the yard, and helped them make huge shifts and progress. Rehabs are a tough rollercoaster ride for an owner and having a good support team around you is paramount. I am extremely grateful that we crossed paths and can’t thank her enough for how much she has done for me, my horses and my clients horses."

Tracey Duncan - Takingcareoftraining