Benefits of INDIBA

● Can be used with Humans and Equine patients ● Promotes recovery of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries (tendinitis, bursitis, desmitis, muscle tears, splints, etc.) ● Treatment of injuries in deep areas such as sacroiliac joint, deep gluteus muscles etc ● Osteoarthritis management ● Pain reduction ● Increases stride length ● Can be used in conjunction with PRP and Stem cell injections ● Post-surgical recovery (including presence of metal implants) ● Wound healing ● Improves tissue flexibility (muscles, tendons) ● Heat therapy (superficial and deep local hyperthermia) ● Lymphatic drainage ● Improves muscular stability and recovery of mobility ● Enables easier mobilisation and manual therapy as the structures are already warmed up ● Can be combined with exercises and with other rehabilitation techniques and EPA's ● Can be used in multiple areas during one treatment