Human Chiropractic Services

Caitlin has worked as a busy chiropractor for the last 18 years. She worked for Paul Harris at his Worthing Manis Clinic and then set up her own clinic in Henfield, West Sussex.

Caitlin specialises in sports injuries and long term chronic pain management. She enjoys building a relationship which allows specialised treatment to target your specific areas of pain and to support you to live your life in the way in which you would like to. This could be treating and rehabilitating the shoulder to do simple tasks like closing the car boot, or treating your back so you can put your socks on in the morning to more complex lifestyle changes such as returning to sport, post surgery or just playing with the children.

Sessions in Henfield can combine Chiropractic treatment with the use of the INDIBA Machine where appropriate.

Caitlin works at Henfield Chiropractic Clinic

Tel 01273 494680


The INDIBA Machine

Caitlin is thrilled to be offering a new, state of the art service that supports and enhances the work she already carries out within her physical therapy/chiropractic offering.

The innovative INDIBA Machine uses micro current technology to stimulate proliferation of stem cells combined with thermal technology in the use of radio waves to promote the regeneration of damaged tissue. This substantially speeds up recovery time and reducing adhesions and scar tissue, the like we have never seen before.

The INDIBA machine has been found to be successful in the reduction of inflammation with tendon and ligament injuries and beneficial in the reduction of joint pain – post injury recovery periods have been proven to been reduced significantly.